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There are several small villages that nature generously gave them so much beauty that can not be fed up to your eye. Glyfada (formerly Tserges), is built atop a piney slope of the Sierra Dirfis and facing towards the south the wild and impressive peak Delphi. East of the village's vast and deep blue Aegean Sea. The village got its name from the brackish water that comes close to the sea. Glyfada is 46km. from Chalcis and you can visit by St. Athanasius. The route is very beautiful. The lush wooded areas alternating with steep and rugged mountains. The village combines beautifully blue sea with the green pines. Ideal for relaxation. Glyfada has 300 people engaged in farming, agriculture and forest exploitation. If you visit the village, be sure to buy the local products are more authentic and purest you can find.   Source: City Dirfion


Κάντε "κλικ" πάνω στην εικόνα για να ανοίξει το βίντεο.

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