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Quite high (alt. 620 m) and very close to the monastery of St. David's is located on the village Drymona whose name probably originates from the dense oak forest (oak and pine), which surrounds it, or the extreme cold prevailing in the winter months. The village was established by growers of the estates of the monastery since 1520 when it was founded by Saint David the Elder. The area around the village was monastic property that was expropriated but the 1936.I Drymona synonymous with life and functioning of the Monastery of St. David, is a seasonal village living in the beautiful (just above) plateau "Makroleivado" with modern asphalt road that leads to "the area of ​​the Petrified Forest" in the neighboring municipality of Cherry Neleus.   The Drymona is also known for its beautiful waterfall of the river meerschaum. The rushing waters of the form over the course of the other two smaller and two large lakes. The divine has developed tourist area. They built trails, stairs as well as benches for rest and playgrounds.   According to the census of 1991 Drymona had 78 residents.   Source: Municipality Limni
Drimona, North Evia
Drimona waterfalls, North Evia
Drimona waterfalls, North Evia
Drimona, North Evia
Drimona waterfalls, North Evia
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