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Paliouras is a beautiful village, situated at the foot of Dirfis and onto the lush, from huge trees and lush vegetation, a tributary of Mesapeiou. The village is very clean and tidy with nice homes, large yards full of flowers and fruit trees. Around the village you will find fountains with running water and vegetation of any kind, but where one can see the true delight of nature, is the river on the northwest side of the village, where visitors can park and cooled to ¨ ¨ MANY TAPS below the shade of ancient plane trees. Further down the bank of the river lies the Monastery of VIRGIN ¨ ¨, where every year on August 15, the feast of the Virgin Mary attracts many pilgrims from across the length and breadth of our country. In the village you will find beautiful and clean stores such as supermarkets, cafes, ouzo tavernas with local meat, local dishes and anything else you want. In the center of the village is the park with many sports facilities, playgrounds and recreational areas. In this place every year in the month of July, in collaboration, the mass organizations of the village organized AGALEIA ¨ THE ¨, cultural events, which take their name from the not so known but rare beauty of the canyon AGALIS ¨ ¨, located on the edge of the massif of Dirfis and 3 km. East of the village. It would be remiss of the visitor of the village Paliouras, and not to visit the gorge of statues, which reached its entrance, which rotated in front of the green hills with wild vegetation and steep cliffs with varying colors, trying so unconscious and naturalistic mood. The gorge of the statue is 1km. Around and beds are scattered from planes and all sorts of vegetation. It has many springs, most of the year and many springs, where possible and the total water of Paliouri. Source: City Dirfion   See the Cultural and Educational Association Paliouras


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