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St. Nicholas Abbey of Upper Vathia


Bright argues, the Monastery of St. Nicholas, built in a breathtaking location northeast of Upper Vathia (at 7 mm), painted between the green of trees and cypresses, with wonderful views of the Evian and the southern shores of Attica.   The visitor, and passing the main gate of the monastery, overlooking the huge backyard tree, aged about 1000 years, while the tap root to run constantly gurgling water.   Although there is sufficient information or evidence unquestionably a matter that concerns the establishment and staffing of the monastery, is accepted by experts that the first monastic community settled in the mid-15th century (1455). The Cathedral in honor of St. Nicholas was rebuilt from 1460 until 1463 and immediately painted the fresco technique (fresso). Many of the paintings are still preserved.   The church, cross-shaped basilica aisle rate, is the only ancient buildings of the monastery who escaped the ravages of time and natural disasters.   It seems - from the little evidence available - that the life of the monastery was undisturbed until the early 18th century when it began intense struggles in various parts of Greece against the Turks.   The new, modern history palaifatis this monastery began in 1963 with the conversion of a female and imiereipomena installation in buildings, 5 brotherhood of monks under the Reverend Makaria Mitsopoulou (1988). With fundraising, donations, personal work of nuns and many residents of nearby villages, built the first wing of cells at the beginning and new wings then rebuilt chapels (New Os. Theodosius and St. Nektarios), crafted a new temple (1973) were prepared hagiography and embroidery workshops, established in the grounds of the cemetery Metropolitans Chalcis (Neophytou Adam Kallinikou Kampani, Christopher Stamatiadis, Eugene Depasta, Panteleimon Kriezi, Provatas Chrysanthos, Gregory and Nicholas Pleiathou Selenti) and the nuns cemetery outside the walls the monastery.   In Catholic is hoarded relics of saints: Nicholas, John Chrysostom, Charalambous, Xenophon, Friday, St. David, Arsenios of Cappadocia and Panteleimon.   Days Feasts: St. Nicholas (6/12 and 20/5), St. Theodore of New (7/8) and St. Nektarios (9/11).   Abbess: Makaria nun (nuns 5).   Phone: 22290.36070.   Address: 340 06 Upper deeply.   Source: Metropolis of Chalkis
St. Nicholas Abbey of Upper Vathia
St. Nicholas Abbey of Upper Vathia
View from St. Nicholas Abbey of Upper Vathia
St. Nicholas Abbey of Upper Vathia
St. Nicholas Abbey of Upper Vathia
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