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Agios Georgios (Saint George)


Most Euboeans today, but also and visitors of the area, identify the Lihada as the seaside town of St. George. They have great wrong, because now they have completely reversed the past data, so the beach is deserted, absorb most of the local population and eventually evolved into one of the most touristy areas of Evia. This modern cosmopolitan beach of a century ago was completely deserted. Once built there in 1910 the first hut Lihadas a resident, who apparently never thought he would go down in history as the founder of one of the most beautiful tourist resorts of our country. His name was John Mastroianni (1882). In 1923 Nicholas Ameladiotis, resorting to misoerimi gltosei beach to the social outcry after his great sin to fall in love a othomanida that gnorise in the Asia Minor campaign. The name of St. George is caused by the church, which is built on foundations of an old hermitages. According to oral tradition, the first church was in the form of underground catacomb entrance. The rapid evolution of St. George began after 1970. Since then it has changed the ideal place to holiday in a picturesque fishing port, the ferry communication with Saint Constantine, beautiful beaches, many culinary venues, nightclubs, tourist facilities and quality rooms to let.   The coastal road linking Agiorgi the Cape and then the lighthouse Vasilina allows the board visitor access to the entire length of the excellent beach, which removes the cape Kinaio. Along this coast there are several beach and many cafes and restaurants, which usually operate during the summer. There are also several companies that facilitate various activities in which they wish to engage visitors Lihadas. Fishing, short sea cruises, surfing, diving, athlopaideies sand etc. The south coast from Agiorgi up Yaltra considered the most beautiful of Greece, since the dense vegetation, which reaches the sea, makes them look like tropical islands. On this delightful coastline and the limits of community Lihadas, are internationally-renowned hotel facilities "Mentiterane", with private beach and fantastic Gregolimano. Wilder, but equally beautiful is the landscape of northern coastline of the peninsula. The coastal road continues longer after the lighthouse Vasilina, reaching Yaltra the north side.   Source: City of Lihada
Λιμάνι Αγίου Γεωργίου-Βόρεια Εύβοια, 2017
Εκκλησία Αγίου Γεωργίου, Βόρεια Εύβοια, 2017
Agios Georgios port
Agios Georgios
Agios Georgios, North Evia
Church of Agios Georgios
Agios Georgios port
Agios Georgios port, North Evia

Η Διαδρομή


Starting from the intersection of Lianni Ammos follow the sign that says "to North Evia-Prokopi." After about 10 km and as you've gone through Artaki you reach a traffic light with a fork that has a sign "Saint John the Russian" to the left and then after passing through an area called Castella arrive at another an intersection with traffic lights should go straight following the sign that says "Saint John L.Aidipsou-Russian." After this intersection and 36km and without turning anywhere arrive at Prokopi (total 1 hour). After Prokopi Mantoudi and continue for about 7,5 km after the junction Mantoudi turn left at sign for Lake-Edipsos others 7,5 km later turn left again at the junction with Limni.14km then turn right to Rovies and 30km from where you get to Evia. A total of Prokopi estimate about 1 hour, so a total of Chalcis about 2 hours (105km). After Aidipsos continue to Gialtra Lihada beach and after about 2km you reach the beach of Agios Nikolaos. Continuing beach 7,3 km later you reach the beach Rododafni and then 5km after arriving in Gialtra (total 17 minutes of Evia,). 3km later you arrive at the Spa Yialtra (4 minutes journey) From there you want others around 10km to St. George (about 14 minutes). That is approximately 27,5 km from Evia (35 minutes) and a total of Chalkis 132km (2,5 hours)  



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