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Skiros (Hora Skirou)


Capital of Skyros is Hora Town. It is built on high rock which dominates almost at the center of Skyros, under the Byzantine castle of St. George. Built on the northeast coast, the country offers panoramic views of the seaside villages Shops, Molos and cigars. The village houses are built amphitheater next to one another, where in previous difficult times and create a wall for protection from pirates. The architecture is Cycladic, with its whitewashed cubic houses, the oldest but had enhanced building with stones from cigars. The town is an ideal destination for accommodation and entertainment. Strolling the narrow streets of the village, you will be in flower gardens, picturesque churches and certainly will find a warm smile of its inhabitants. Reaching the highest point of the country, just below the Byzantine monastery of Agios Georgios, built on top of the cliff by the emperors Nikiforos Fokas and Ioannis Tsimiski will enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the northeast coast of the island reaches cigars. For years now, the monastery overlooks the town and is the entrance to the palace of Lykomidon. After the earthquake of 2001, suffered many losses and for security reasons was not allowed entry to the public. Recently, however, have been partial repairs for access to certain parts of the monastery. From the balcony of the monastery you can enjoy a spectacular view over the rooftops of the country until the blue horizon, having a sense of swing to another dimension. The ancient fortress of Skyros (parts of which diatirounati yet) was in the 4th century BC by the Athenians, who at that time were masters of the island. Strolling the narrow streets of the country you will find small churches worth visiting, such as St. Nicholas and Holy Trinity, which are beautiful and impressive decoration. Even a beautiful spot in the Country is the square of the Eternal Poetry, dedicated to the British poet Rupert Brooke, who was buried in Skyros. The square is a statue dedicated to the poet, while close vriskonmtai the Archaeological Museum of Skyros and the Museum Manos and Anastasia Faltaits. In Town or Village, you will find many nice taverns offering flavors of Skyros, cafes and bars for pretty fun. There are many shops, and souvenir shops and tasteful gifts. Moreover, Skyros is famous for its art and culture, reflected in every aspect of everyday. The town is definitely the place to visit during your holiday in Skyros. It has many tourist accommodations and complete organization. With its whitewashed houses, the flower gardens and serpentine alleys, transmitting a picture of another time, while the warm smile of people will discover the famous hospitality.   Source: Municipality of Skyros  
Skiros (Hora Skirou) Town
Brook square, Hora Skirou
Hora Skirou
Hora Skirou
In the alleys of Chora of Skyros
View from the Square Brooke, Skyros Town
Η Χώρα το βράδυ,Σκύρος
Η Χώρα το βράδυ, Σκύρος
Η Χώρα το βράδυ,Σκύρος

Η Διαδρομή

Από τη Λιναριά:
Η πιο σύντομη διαδρομή για τη Χώρα της Σκύρου και χωρίς πολλές στροφές είναι να πάτε αριστερά προς Αχερούνες, Ασπούς και σε 5,5km θα έχετε φτάσει στο Χωριό Ασπούς, ενώ μετά από 3,3km φτάνετε στη διασταύρωση όπου πρέπει να ακολουθήσετε την ανηφορική πορεία προς Χώρα Σκύρου. Σε 1km περίπου θα φτάσετε σε μια μικρή περίοχή όπου αν βρείτε θέση μπορείτε να παρκάρετε, διαφορετικά υπάρχει πινακίδα που οδηγεί στο δημοτικό πάρκινκ της Σκύρου που είναι δωρεάν.


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