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From the beginning Strofylia roads leading both the northeast and the northwest island of Evia. The village is located in Central and North Evia is situated at an altitude of 110 meters above sea level and away from the sea surface and away from Chalkis the county about 63 chiliometra.Oi residents who rise is about 700. There are two versions about the origin of the name of the village. According to the first name due to crowded pine forests at the time. The botanical name <<Strofylia>> is the name in some parts of Greece, is the pine. In the second version of the name due to the tornado, which was visible from several villages and who swirled the leaves of trees during the season of autumn, hence the name <<Strofylia>>. The area amounts to 11,500 acres of which 8,000 acres are arable, 3,000 acres of pine and 500 acres of barren land. The region inhabited Strofylia according to archaeological evidence for the early Greek period. In Kastri the settlement period of EH continues its existence through the Middle Ages. The strong fortifications on the hill, leading some scholars to explore here the location of Fort Manduko. According to some views in the period of Frankish created in settlements with names <<Levachi>> <<Apostles>> and <<Madonna>>. These settlements after the release of Evia from the Turkish yoke, joined and founded a community called Stofylas. Visitors to the village should pay particular attention to the church of Agia Triada. Built in the year 1879 with a remarkable architecture, unique in the region of Central and North Evia. The material, as well as the steeple is of striated stone. Inside the church is the temple, made entirely from Mytilini Mylioni sculptor John, who painted a year after construction of the church that is around 1880. The technical construction of the ranks in the art. The Strofylia known Evia for the large production of agricultural products. Renowned is the olive oil, wine and raki Strofylia. Visitors to the village can enjoy the local products along with other wonderful flavors in the taverns and tsipouradika Strofylia. In the area of ​​village assemblies operate industrial packing agricultural products with significant exports abroad. Noteworthy is the three-arched bridge arched, located west of the village and was built around 1905. It is a stone, consists of three arches and road links the village of Stofylas the primary network Strofylia County-Lake. The bridge is along the picturesque trees and stone fountain cause the traveler to stop relaxing and refreshing.   Source: City Kireos
Strofilia, North Evia


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