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Nea Lampsakos


As soon as you exit from Chalkis and follow the road to South Evia (NR Chalkis - Lepoura), you will first acquaintance with the City Lilantion since before you is already the Municipal District of New Lampsacus. In New Lampsacus people flocking from all over Greece to enjoy the delights offered by the famous ouzo and located within the village and onto the beach. We recommend a stroll through the village, which has been upgraded significantly over the last three years, to explore the beautiful squares discovering taverns and ouzo which are everywhere and then get off the beach where you can enjoy an ouzo or beer your escort seafood. The landscape will dazzle you in the sea, bearing toward the high bridge of Chalkis, next to you the gentle sound of waves and just above your sun protection by reeds, taste the local specialties, based always on sea products themselves are fish Lampsakinoi.   Source: City Lilantion
Square Saint Tryphon, Nea Lampsakos
Nea Lampsakos beach
Nea Lampsakos beach
Nea Lampsakos beach
Nea Lampsakos beach


Κάντε "κλικ" πάνω στην εικόνα για να ανοίξει το βίντεο.

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