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7km east of Psachnon, on a low hill is built Triada at 120 altitude and with 1059 inhabitants. The journey from searching in Trinity, we find the Frankish tower, ruined monument of 14th century, known as Tower Angeli goby because at this point are barricaded themselves anfres the Greek fighter during the battle at faucet. North of the pine square, saved the house of the chieftain of the revolution of 1821, Nicholas Kriezotis. The building was destroyed by fire in 1981 and is currently undergoing renovation. Next to the mansion are the remains of the chapel of the Trinity, who gave his name to the village, and the church of St. Calliope. Near the village is worth visiting the small cave of Kourou which has rich natural beauty.   Source: City Messapion
Church of Holy Trinity
Paved road at Triada
Kriezotis Mansion, Triada
Hunting Triad Group
Hunting Triad Group
Square in front of the Mansion Kriezotis


Κάντε "κλικ" πάνω στην εικόνα για να ανοίξει το βίντεο.

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