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Zarakes Tower


Six kilometers south of the archaeological site Dystos, the location of the chapel of the Life Giving Spring on both sides of the central road-Lepoura Karystos, discovered in the course of extensive excavation of graves and remains of buildings, which date from the late Geometric to late Roman times.   From the excavated remains of buildings of particular interest are the remains of a building ysterogeometrikou, saved 26 meters in length Outside the western side of the long and 0.50 to 0.60 m at a distance from it, identified a circular hole cut into the bedrock . The holes are most likely intended to support a colonnade that surrounded the building.   Finding an inscribed relief pithos fragment of archaic depicting centaurs, bearing the holy word, and a bronze relief stations with ram head and the inscription Delian Apollo, makes possible the existence at a sanctuary in which to worship practiced continuously from the Late Geometric to the late classical period. In late Roman times in the same room there is the exercise of craft activities.   The Zarakes preached an archaeological site (GG 512/V/7-4-2000).   Editor A. Hatzidimitriou, archaeologist Dr. D. Miller, an archaeologist
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