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Vaulted tomb of Katakalou


Tomb of Katakalou is the best preserved Mycenaean tomb in Evia. Located about two kilometers north of namesake town and almost five kilometers from the main road Halkida-Aliveri.   The entrance to the tomb is by road, length 5.40 m, whose sides are lined with stones plakarous compact. The road ends at the mouth of the tomb, height 1.65 m and 0.80 m wide, through which was the entrance to the dome, which is the burial chamber. The mouth is covered with a stone lintel, which opened the characteristic relieving triangle. The dome is built of local slate during enunciation system has an internal diameter of 5.30 m and a maximum preserved height 4.70 m The tomb was plundered from the interior of the debris cleared only minyeias a goblet, while most Recent cleaning and shoring of the monument found pottery shards and a copper coin.   The excavation of the monument was made in 1907 by G. Papavassiliou. The first work attachment during the period 1984-1987 with labor provided by staff of the Division of PPC lignite Aliveri. During the restoration of the tomb was Supporting the dome, and the lintel of the entrance. H Restoration of Ancient Monuments Division of the Ministry of Culture conducted a study in 2002 to complete the monument and prop construction for roof protection.   Editor A. Hatzidimitriou Archaeologist Dr. D. Miller, Archaeologist
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