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Monastery of St. George Ilia


Founded the monastery officially mentioned in 1670, according to local tradition and the 13th century. It is situated at a height of 450 meters on Valantis Mountain, with magnificent views over the northern Gulf of Evia, north of the seaside village of Ilia, located 13 km from Edipsos.   Strong growth experienced in the monastery during the first centuries of her life. Following the peculiar system around it askitefan up to 300 monks, living in huts and "kalogerospita", says local tradition, which, operating on Sundays and major feasts of the Catholic St. George cross rate, an ornate temple the mid-17th century, full of images and scenes from the Bible and famous icons of the 16th and 17th century.   The monastery was a place of refuge and protection of many Christians and even scientists in the difficult years of occupation. It is especially loved by the residents of the area.   For centuries men in 1970 was transformed into a woman on Metropolitan Nicholas Chalcis (Selenti). Today's fraternity in the abbess Pelagia and the entire support of many pilgrims, renovated and adorned the buildings of the monastery. In recent years, began rebuilding the large new church of St. Nina.   There are hoarded relics of Saints: George, Marina, Mamas and Sunday.   It is worth noting that the monastery was that of Ilia gave to Metropolis 1980, an area of ​​46 acres in "Commander Ilia" where anigerthisan leiotyrgoun and started from 2000, the modern camping facilities of the Metropolis, which host every year about 800 children.   Days Feasts: St. George (23/4 and Translation relics of St. 3/11). St. Haralambos (10/2), St. Irene (28/7) and Ag (26/7).   Abbess: Monk Pelagia Souliadou (nuns 9).   Phone: 22260.22384.   Address: 343 00 Ilia L. Edipsos.   Source: Metropolis of Chalkis
Monastery of St. George Ilia, North Evia
Monastery of St. George Ilia, North Evia
Monastery of St. George Ilia, North Evia
Monastery of St. George Ilia, North Evia
Monastery of St. George Ilia, North Evia
Monastery of St. George Ilia, North Evia



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