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Μακεδονικός τάφος των Ερώτων


The tomb of loves (Tafos ton eroton) at the hill north of Eretria and is one of the important sites. Based on his findings dating from the late 4th century. BC, a period during which these features funerary monuments makedonikou type occur in southern Greece, after the Macedonians. The tomb remained in use until the early second century BC In the area of ​​Eretria and others have found makedonikoi graves in Kotroni and Amarynthos.   The tomb of love is unicellular with arched roof and has a road made of stones and bricks. The burial chamber mimics room house, built of limestone and the interior is coated with white plaster. During the excavation of the two models were thrones of stone, with painted and embossed decoration. In the back corners of the chamber were two marble sarcophagi shaped bed. The interior of the tomb was looted. Among the findings, now exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, there are bronze vases and clay figurines asks, of whom he buried the conventional name. Over the grave was discovered built construction, probably formed the basis of some grave markers.   The monument was excavated in 1897. Now keep in good condition and fixative procedures are, where appropriate, under the supervision of local Antiquities Inspectorate.
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