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Evia is the second largest island after Crete, the Greek islands and the third after Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean.

   It is separated from the mainland of Greece by the Evian Gulf. At the closest point to mainland Greece, is built the largest city of the island, Chalkis, where one of the two links the island with mainland Greece, the old bridge of Chalkis. Recently built and the high bridge of Chalkis, the longest suspension bridges in Europe.      Along with the Skyros and a small piece of Boeotian coast (opposite Chalcis) constitute the prefecture of Evia region of Central Greece.      Divided into three major geographical areas: northern, central and southern Euboea. Very important urban centers are Edipsos the Aliveri the Amarinthos the Artaki the Vasilika The Eretria, the Istiaia the Kymi, Karystos and the Lake. The highest peaks of the Dirfys the Kandili and Mount Ochi. It has been well developed tourist infrastructure, which can satisfy even the most demanding visitor.