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Leaving behind us Psachna and traveling in northern Evia, just 13km. by Psachna, it can override your path, visiting Kamaritsa, which has 484 inhabitants and is situated at an altitude of 320m. In Kamaritsa settlement belongs to St 600. altitude. The village rightly took this name. Built in the bosom of a verdant slope, boasts of up to beauty. Overlooks the Evian Gulf, the plains stretching ahead and the surrounding villages. The Kamaritsa famous for its excellent water gushes from a spring called "Vichy in Greece." Before Mount is the site Klimaki surrounded by mountains that are suffocating from the green of the pines. In the settlement of Mount during the summer months camping facilities operate. Moving north, the pine trees give the baton to the beautiful trees.     Source: City Messapion


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