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Kerasia is a beautiful scenic semi-mountainous village (altitude 560 meters) extending east of the sources of the river Neleus and on the new road Agia Anna-Istieas.   Just 3km from Kerasia found a uniquely beautiful green plateau, known as Makrolivado. As the background is full of pine "Dry Mountain".   Marked trails and forest roads leading to the top where you can admire one of the Sporades, the Parnassus and Mount Olympus.   In the rich flora in the name of the only "dry conditions" between the solid fir can enjoy in the spring the number of flowers and on top the rare species of white and pink peony. Below the tops of dry conditions in the middle of the asphalt path connecting Kerasia with the Monastery of Saint David (signposted) is a beautiful waterfall (Waterfall Drymonas). The rushing waters of the form over the course of the other two smaller and two large lakes.   The mountainous region is full of Kerasia paleontological treasures. Both the petrified forest, and fossil mammals, have enormous scientific interest and also provide potential tourist development of the site. According to palaeontologist Professor Dr. C. Theodore, one of the pioneers of the excavation activity in the wider region of Cherry, in a region where there is a combination of fossil plants, while mammals have suggested a very rich environment. As for the flora, the petrified forest of Cherry is a rare geological monument. The plant fossils abound in the area between the settlements of Cherry and priests. Fossil traces of fauna preserved in the Museum Paleontological Finds Cherry.   Source: City of Neleus


Η δημιουργία του χωριού έγινε πιθανότατα προς το τέλος της Βυζαντινής περιόδου από αγροτοποιμένες της Στερεάς Ελλάδας. Το όνομα του πρώτου οικισμού ήταν η "Πεταλούδα" και εκτεινόταν στη θέση που σήμερα ονομάεται "Αγία Τριάδα".


Κάντε "κλικ" πάνω στην εικόνα για να ανοίξει το βίντεο.

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